My Story

I am an endurance athlete with over 10 years experience in running long distances and I have three years of triathlon experience.  I am also a yoga instructor, registered through the Yoga Alliance with approximately 20 years teaching.

My yoga practice complements my athletic pursuits to ensure I’m being mindful in my movements by leveraging the power of breathing (pranayama) and engaging in techniques that support optimal recovery.

I believe that life isn’t black and white, so neither is my approach to coaching. Trust your abilities, believe in your training, finish with heart and just be damn proud.

I am human.  I am flawed, but I am beautiful.  We get to do this and we can do hard things.  Come along for the ride with me.

christina laying on the floor

My Experience

I am an adult athlete with years of experience running marathons and participating in triathlons.  During that time, I’ve worked with diverse groups to deliver yoga programming to supplement their goals.  I help build a mindfulness foundation that pairs with run/triathlete coaching offering a more holistic approach to sport.  I am a sport psychology master’s candidate with a plan to become a Certified Mental Skills Consultant through the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP).


  • Registered Yoga Teacher | Yoga Alliance
  • Yoga for Athletes Certification | Sage Rountree
  • Ashtanga Yoga Certification | Emmaus Yoga
  • Level I Run Coach | Road Runner’s Club of America
  • Sport Psychology Certification | California Southern University
  • Ironman University Coaching Certification | Ironman
  • SafeSport Trained | U.S. Center for SafeSport

Teaching & Program Development

  • Yoga for endurance athletes (run/triathlon) & team sports
  • Yoga & mindfulness for amputees & brain trauma patients
  • Yoga & mindfulness for medical professionals & educators
  • Yoga & mindfulness for adolescents
  • Aqua fitness for arthritis & fibromyalgia patients
  • Run/Triathlon coaching