Elevate Your Endurance Performance

Trust your abilities, believe in your training, finish with heart and just be damn proud.

Endurance Athletes

With the athlete goals in mind, I create individualized training plans for endurance athletes competing in events like marathon, ultramarathon and triathlon.

Other Athletes

I work with injured athletes and athletes competing in other sports such as golf and ice hockey.

Sports Teams & Other Groups

I develop mindfulness programming for youth groups and sports teams.  Other audiences include amputees, TBI patients, medical professionals, arthritis/fibromyalgia, teachers, and adolescents.

The EnFlyte Difference

Athletic Experience

I am a long distance triathlete and runner.

Coaching Experience

I have experience coaching yoga, group and aquatic fitness, run and triathlon to a variety of audiences from beginner to professional level athletes.


I have formal certifications in yoga, running/triathlon and sport psychology.

Coaching Programs

woman doing yoga

Yoga for Endurance Athletes

This is where the magic happens, friends!

Run or Multisport (triathlon)

Personalized endurance coaching supported by sport psychology research, mindfulness and recovery interventions


Mindful Sport Performance Enhancement Programming