Elevate Your Endurance Performance

Trust your abilities, believe in your training, finish with heart and just be damn proud.

Sports Teams

I develop education and programming for youth teams and groups including baseballs, swimming and cross country.

Endurance Athletes

I create and deliver mindfulness programs specifically for endurance athletes competing in events like marathon, ultramarathon and triathlon.

Other Athletes

I work with injured athletes and athletes competing in sports such as golf and ice hockey.

The EnFlyte Difference

Athletic Experience

I am a 70.3 triathlon multiple time finisher and a marathon multiple time finisher.

Coaching Experience

I have experience coaching yoga, group and aquatic fitness, running and triathlons.


I have formal certifications in teaching yoga, running and sports psychology.

Coaching Programs

woman doing yoga

Yoga for Endurance Athletes

Enhance your training with yoga and recovery.

man running

Goal Setting for Endurance Athletes

Develop your personal mission to tease out your long and short-term goals for success.